How Much Paper Do You Use? 3 Reasons to Switch to Digital Records

Paper is part of office life. Sticky notes, memo pads, brochures, drafts, and junk mail wind up at the bottom of your trash or shred bin. Sometimes they sit on your desk for weeks before you remember to throw them out.

Wasted paper is half the battle. How many times have you seen someone print out an email to read or hand out a meeting agenda no one looks at? When you’re trying to organize your own files, you wonder why the heck you saved half those documents in the first place.

And then there’s the panic of trying to find that one document you stuck in a drawer or something and now you can’t find. I swear it was on my desk last week, or maybe I gave it to my boss… Why didn’t they just email it to me? Why can’t I just hit Ctrl+F in real life?

Making everyone switch to digital files is just as hard. No one has time to scan everything and reorganize it. Someone mentioned compliance or security concerns, and now you’re stuck until they can figure out whether it’s even worth it to go digital.

Convincing the pack to part with their paper stacks is hard, so here are 3 reasons you should switch to digital records.

digital office records infographic

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