21 Technology Words You Need to Stop Using

technology buzzword memesDo you find yourself rolling your eyes or dying a little inside when you hear phrases like collaborate, digital native, streamline, or out of pocket?

Yeah, so do we.

That’s why we pulled together this list of our most hated, cringe-worthy words we hear in the technology field.

Yes, some of these phrases are just fine to use occasionally or in the right context. You might even catch us saying them sometimes. But their misuse and overuse is starting to get old.

We’ve even created a Buzzword Bingo to liven up your next meeting. Print it out and play it under the table if you think you can get away with it.

technology buzzword bingo

1. Bandwidth

“I just don’t have the bandwidth to work on that project right now.”

Beep, boop, I’m a bot. You’re a person, not a network. You have a capacity or priorities, not bandwidth.

2. Ideate

“Let’s ideate some solutions.”

Brainstorm or whiteboard are perfectly fine. The combo of create and idea is just as unnecessary as irregardless.

3. Latest & Greatest

“Our new app is the latest and greatest way to enjoy online shopping.”

Congratulations on choosing the most generic superlative in the world. The greater you say your product is, the less likely I am to believe you.

4. Phablet

“This Pinterest app is super fast on my phablet.”

What kind of computer does Pharrell Williams use? A phablet. Yes, that word is as lame as that pun and your oversized phone.

IT hacks5. Hack

“47 AMAZING hacks for a cleaner home. #23 will change your life!”

Stop sending me “new” uses for baking soda and claiming it’s a hack. You’re just using normal objects for unusual purposes. That’s like using Word to design your company logo – it’s not a hack, it’s just stupid.

6. Cloud

“We need to move to the cloud.”

News flash: you’re on the cloud. The cloud just means online. And not everything needs to have a web element. And you definitely don’t need to talk about it all the time.

7. Synergy

“How can we encourage better synergy between departments?”

An oldie but a goodie. Collaboration and synergy are hollow goals that make management feel better when talking about dysfunction.

8. As a Service

“Instead of calling Sarah’s work consulting by the hour, we’re calling it Sarah as a Service, or SaaS.”

ATM machine. PIN number. RAS syndrome. Did those phrases make you twitch? As a service is just as redundant.

9. Disrupt

“Can we make a new product that will disrupt the market?”

This word is often accompanied by other phrases like “innovators” and “growth hack.”

fax me your email10. Fax

“Print and sign this contract and fax it over.”

In a world with PDFs, how are people still printing and faxing documents? We shouldn’t need to use this word anymore.

11. Lean

“We’re looking for a self-starter rock star to join our lean startup.”

By “lean,” we mean no benefits and 80-hour workweeks. And by “rock star,” we mean someone with 10 years of experience willing to work for an intern’s salary. Can you start tomorrow?

12. Userbase

“Our userbase won’t be able to navigate these changes.”

Userbase? Do you mean users? Personas? Customers? Do you even have user testing and research to understand who your users are?

13. Big Data

“Big data should be influencing our decisions. Does anyone have the login to Google Analytics?”

Data-driven decisions is a great concept. Manipulating or making up stats to justify decisions you’ve already made isn’t so great.

breach is an overused word14. Breach

“I left my phone at the restaurant. Someone definitely breached it.”

We hate to break it to you, but your personal data has probably already been leaked. Banks, stores, credit card companies, hospitals – who hasn’t had a data breach? Worry about your company’s data, not your personal data. That ship has probably already sailed.

15. App

“This site works better in our mobile app. Would you like to download the app?”

Yes, I do want to download my thousandth app to go to your crappy site once. What a great user experience you’ve wasted time creating!

16. Virtual

“This would work better in a virtual environment.”

VR, AR, VM – we can make everything virtual! But we never stopped to ask ourselves if we should.

millenials in technology17. Millennial

“Millennials need to lead the technology advances in our company.”

This word needs to disappear from every industry, not just IT. Using millennials in a sentence is a lot like saying “I’m not racist, but…” Leave snake people alone.

18. Bring Your Own Device

“Our designers refuse to use company PCs so we need a BYOD policy.”

BYOD sounds like it belongs on a lame party invite. You’re invited to the technology party this Friday from 8 PM – ?

19. Influencers

“Content marketing is a waste of time if we can’t get our articles in front of industry influencers.”

Bring out this phrase when you want to sound like you’re paying attention at the blog and social media meeting. Then feel free to space out as the arguments start.

20. Colo

“I was in a colo space before it was cool.”

No one has time to finish words anymore. Send me the deets. Those shoes are totes fabs on you. Let’s just shorten every word until no one understands anything.

IoT platform21. Internet of Things

“IoT is the wave of the future.”

Phones are smart, fridges are getting hacked, and microwaves are spying on us. Welcome to the future, where our devices are connected to the internet. Now tone it back a notch.

Not enough words for you?

Start using next year’s phrases with this buzzword predictor tool.

We’re hoping innovestment and punctualitard enter the common vocabulary soon.

Think we missed a word? Have a friend who uses these words all the time?

Share your favorite overused buzzwords in the comments!

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